I shaved my beard off. Gotta embrace the changes in life, nothing stays the same for ever. I'm happy with the changes going on around here. new additions to the crew, new motivations, new projects, new paintings and new lessons to learn. OH, and new flash on the wall! We don't typically tattoo off the wall, however I have acquired a new piece from the Shanghai Kate collection. GoodTime Charlie Cartwright, an innovator in American Fine Line Tattooing, made an amazing poster of palm size designs. A something for everyone type of flash. Every piece is a black and grey fine line design and I've had my eye on this framed beauty for quite some time. I guess my stars aligned and now I have my very piece of Tattoo History hanging on the wall. If you have not watched "Tattoo Nation" I highly recommend it, a well done documentary on the history of rise in popularity of black and grey work. Then maybe you can understand my excitement over this piece of flash. 

    In other news, I (johnny) had taken the summer off from taking appointments and was only doing tattoos on a walk-in basis. But, summer is over and now my calendar is filling up with projects and balancing time for tattooing and drawing the designs to be tattooed requires an appointment, thank you for the patience. Of course we will still take walk-ins here at the shop when we can . Mike P is still new to the area and is ready to take on new clients. Dylan is here Wed-Sun, Steve has had to cut back on hours to begin his training for the Fire Academy. Congratulations Steve, we are super proud of you for making the cut. 

  and now without further delay, here is the dump for some of the latest pictures. 

Thank You for the support. 


      Alright, alright, alright.  What a great day to be in the shop.

I'm a big fan of teamwork around here. This shop wouldn't be what it is without our team.  Our team is growing, starting today I'd like to welcome, and introduce you to Aaron Dor Dixon. A  20 year veteran of tattooing, Aaron is the real deal tattooer. Old school values and a style developed through tradition. We'll get into that more later, or come see for yourself Monday through Friday. Let me add a Thank You in here for Aaron. He brought in an amazing collection of his own hand painted flash and I can't stop looking at it. Aaron and his art are an exciting addition to GTTS. 

"Johnny, why are you so bad at returning E-mails? "

 I don't know. I get pretty caught up in the day to day of the Tattooing and drawing and cleaning. I forget to check the E-mails so it might take me awhile to get back to you. If you're really in a hurry to get your questions answered it's better to call the shop.  So this is you're warning, E-mails take awhile for a response.  Typically the response is; Come in to the shop and we'll discuss your idea.  I can't/won't quote a price in an E-mail.  

   In other news; Its summer time again. and the A/C is blowing cold in the shop.  I (Johnny) have stopped taking appointments for the summer and am only tattooing on a walk in basis. Hopefully this makes it easier on both clients and myself. So many have rescheduled or plain ol skipped out on appointments because of vacation plans that I decided to try it the other way for awhile. This also frees me up to take a trip to the beach with the family. So, lets all have a great summer and don't forget the sunblock.   If you catch me in the shop I'm available to tattoo you, if I'm not here then try again. Thanks to all who continue to bring us great ideas and fun tattoos. Keep an eye on our instagram account @good_times_tattoo_studio for current works. 

Style over Substance? 

keeping on keeping on.

new stuff from the studio. GTTS running strong.


Alright, Alright,Alright, let's have some Fun!  Wednesdays  aren't really the funnest day of the week and typically slower in the tattoo shop than the weekend madness or the early week appointments of the big pieces. So let's use the down time to party, Good Times style. Dylan and I up for the Challenge of doing $100 Basic tattoos of almost anything we can draw. bring us a $100 bill ( or any combination of american bills totaling $100)  and we'll get you a tattoo of ... well what do you want?  a Cat, you got it. a Rocket, can do. sacred heart? no problem. you see where i'm going with this.  We'll have some sheets of designs to choose from and if you have a good idea that catches our interest we'll draw you something custom. not every idea is going to work well as a small tattoo but try us and see what we can do for you.. here's the rules: you can't be a pain in the ass. and you have to understand it's not $100 sleeve day. so be respectful.no appointments, first come first serve. Bring cash. 

so Long dylan

October 2, 2017

July 6, 2016

​stop and smell the green soap

Dylan Jonze has left the nest. We wish him all the best on his new adventure or learning from Tye Harris at Faces in the Dark Tattoo in Kyle TX. Dylan and I have been friends and co-workers for about 4 years now so he will be missed around here, but more than that I'm glad to see his career grow strong in gaining knowledge from good people like Tye. I look forward to seeing exciting things from Dylan in the future and of course the door is open for him to do future guests spots here in the shop.

Mike P is back in the shop this weekend.  It's pretty rad to spend time with a Tattooer I've known for at least the last ten years. We've worked together in 3 different shops now. We've both got a little gray in the beard (maybe I have more than he does)  When he moved to Texas, I was his first point of contact.  We were working at 45 ink in South Houston, the only white guys in the shop, or in 5 square miles probably. it was a blast. A big Beautiful shop staffed with some incredible talent and everyone learning from one another and feeding off the styles that were happening all around.  Lots of painting going on. Mike puts out some of the most fascinating and unique paintings.  He has a signature element, a one eyed elephant type he calls Daryl. Reminds me of a Generation X Mickey Mouse. We'll be putting on a show of Mikes works later this year, as well as telling some great stories of our time in Houston.  Like the time all our neighbors were getting robbed late at night so we always had someone sleeping in the shop with the guns.  Or the time Mike walked out the front door and ran straight into a horse.  welcome to Texas, hahaha. 

I've been working a lot with these super tight 3 liners. mixing fine lines with stippled dot shading. 

Giddy Up Tx 2017

how much fun? how awesome? ALL!  Fourth annual vintage chopper show, in New Braunsfels Tx.

Incredible builds and amazing friends. Here's some of the highlights. Good Times for All Times. 

Bryans specialty is hard to nail down. He's comfortable in both bold dynamic color and Intense black and grey work.  His unique approach sets his artwork apart the same ol same ol.  on instagram he is @tatttoos.by.bryan 


Hang time with two giants in the industry. Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand and Jack Rudy. There's not a tattooer alive today that has not been influenced by these two. Jack Rudy brought black and grey tattooing to the masses back in the 70's. He is the King of Koolsville. Kate has been a close friend for many years  and I soak up as much  knowledge as she bestows upon my humble ears and eyes.  Always trying to learn from the masters in tattooing and life in general.  Check out the documentary Tattoo Nation to get the real deal scoop on some of the best tattooing in America. 

saturday the 14, 2018​

First session in the new shop. opening day March 14, 2016

We get asked everyday what we specialize in. I always answer that with Tattoos. I'm not sure what the right answer is to that question but some people seem puzzled by that answer. maybe you'd rather hear that I specialize in "neo-traditional-geo-metric-black and grey-abstract-da da. But i don't. when i started i focused on japanese, then i fell in love with traditional americana, later I dove into gaining a better understanding of Lettering. some days i want to use every color, and some days i want to do some black and grey, or even just simply a black tattoo.  Style, true style evolves organically from knowledge gained and techniques practiced.  only do japanese and that's gonna be your style, only do geometric patterns, well i guess that would be your specialty.. But here at Good Times, we specialize in Tattoos. so whatever you're wanting to do we gotcha covered. And if its outta our league, we'll let you know. so let us worry less about hashtags and more about getting the tattoo You want. 

Bryan and I hit the road early in the morning to raid our neighbors to the north like so many vikings before us. Kickstands up at 5:30am into Oklahoma and Arkansas for some Ozark mountain riding. Got lost, broke down, camped in a parking lot to ensure we'd get back on the road in the morning. Thanks to Old Fort Harley Davison in Ft Smith.  

if you really want some adventure ask for directions in Oklahoma; " is this highway 271?"

 " i don't know, I aint too good with math."


$100 Hump Day 

He's been here a few days and lucky for us he's gonna stick around another week. From Gainesville FL, killing some solid, bold, traditional style. We've been having a blast with good tattoos, craft beers and jamming tunes. He's making a trip out west and we're stoked to have him here and help put some gas money in his pocket. Follow him on Instagram @Austen_Minor ​


One year 

We put on a pretty good show for the neighborhood kids. All 5000 of them. Round Rock shut down the streets and did it up carnival style with bounce houses, train rides, music, the whole shebang. We set up our Zombie Containment Unit in front of the shop, handed out candy and posed for Pics. Good Times indeed. 


Hope this posting finds you all well and healthy and safe. Plenty of bad news from the media lately. My heart goes out to all those affected in Las Vegas last night.  

febuary 2019

The Times, They Are A Changing

Nothing stays the same long.  I've been replacing some of the flash on the walls, working on getting the new sign on the shop front, even making plans to add another artist to the roster.  The old timers used to say, "Ya gotta keep the shop fresh, change it up in order to keep the tattoo gods happy"  So we do.  Continually work to keep the shop feeling good and a strong creative vibe going.  I've been painting a lot more recently. Mostly re-paints of classic flash imagery, because no matter how much things change , Classics will always be Classic.  Can't hate on that.  Tradition with a new twist.

  So be on the look out for all the new things we're doing around here, and know that we're only getting better.  

a few shots from the grand opening party. Thank You to everyone that came out to support.


Some upcoming events: Yes we are doing Friday 13th tattoos. but better than that is Saturday 14th you don't wanna miss our grand opening party.   Also I'm stoked to be able to help sponsor the PYSCO De MAYO RUN this year. A one day motorcycle ride through the back roads of the Texas Hill Country. I'm throwing in two $100 gift certificates for the raffle. Show up, have a blast, meet new people. I went last year and it is indescribable to be part of a large pack of bikes winding through the hills and curves like some giant robotic snake. out of this world. 

Goodspeed doing beautiful work on Kenzies knee.  

Steve's lady heads are smoking hot. but if you follow him on instagram you already knew that.  @stevegoodspeed 

We've had to kick a few people out lately. what gives? I don't really want to write up a long rant, cussing a few bad apples, so I'll keep it short. Behave yourself. If you don't belong, Don't be long. Texas tattoo legend Mike Belzel did us a solid deal and painted a sign to display our simple shop rules. 

Good Times for all times.  We're not into having bad days, take that drama somewhere else. 


Dylan Jonez is turning out some new artwork that I'm pretty stoked on.  His pencil drawings are dope and directly correlated to his skills in tattooing. 

dylan jones is in the house

Sooooo, it's been a few months. First, I have to mention my friend travis Butchart is officially the newest crew member. He has over 10 years experience, grew up in Cali, tattooing around San Diego and moved to Austin about 5 years ago. We're very glad to have him on board.  

    We had a party last month when Allan Wayne Nicols came through town. Allan plays music and does tattoos on the road most of the year and we were lucky to be a stop on his tour. We spent the day talking machines and guitars, tattooing folks and eating BBQ. When the sun went down we killed most of the lights and poured some adult beverages as Allan played a set of his texas roots two stepping blues. It was a damn Good Time. 

We Are Taking Walk-ins EveryDay

That's the important thing to share with ya'll. 

Well look at that

We're honored to receive this award. It's been a pleasure to work in such a warm and welcoming community.  We are so grateful for the recognition in our first year and look forward to many more years to come. 

the new sign is finally here

 Legendary sign painter Gary Martin did a fantastic job hand painting our nod to local history. 


Good Times Run 2016

Photo Dump 5/9/18

ok so, i'm realizing that this blog/page is getting away from me. i don't know how to put together a traditional blog. so what. i guess what i have here is a scrapbook of sorts. a place for me to drop photos and news and ramblings. i'm two months into the shop now and it's been great. lots of same ol same ol but the new excitement of having my own place has not worn off. i discover new fun shit all the time. like kicking off my shoes and laying out a painting in the floor. that's my new thing. so when you come in please watch your step and not trample my latest project. also, i hate capitalizing and since this is my shop and my page and my blog, i don't have to if i don't wanna. 

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

Mike P is here to stay

We had planned for our good buddy Mike to come sit in, on a guest spot again, we didn't plan on Hurricane Harvey wiping out Houston. So now we're just gonna keep Mike with us for awhile. 

Our thoughts and prayers with all our friends and family in the Houston area. It was my city for many years and I'll always love it and the people in it. we've started collecting supplies and sending them to the people in need. 

Big Bend 

Took a weekender to celebrate turning 40. Got really cold in the desert, climbed a mountain, had a great time taking pics with the wife. 

March 3, 2017

Bryan Rolph is now Full Time!!

Mike P and I are working on some live painting events that will start in January 2018.  Stay Tuned for that. 

Feb 27,2018

Tattooing is the only life for me. I respect the history of the craft and the future of the art. Good Times has landed in the perfect neighborhood, where our clients are familiar with the art, and have an appreciation for the craft. We have been able to get on the same page and start working on some projects that keep us motivated and inspired. Thank you so much for the support, faith and confidence. 

  This positive energy flows directly from client to artist and right back to client. Now that's the kinda thing you're going to want to wear on your skin for many years to come. 

SEPT 20,2019   

Fall is upon us. Halloween is in the air, my wife already brought the decor down from the attic.  Party at the shop? maybe. Monster deals on Monster tattoos? for sure.  

  In other news Aaron is out of the shop for the entire month of September, riding his harley to Oregon and tattooing along the way. I know ya'll miss him as much as I do. Mike P ruled the Lowbrow Tattoo Convention in Harker Heights TX.He spent three days dishing out custom work to a great bunch of appreciative collectors. Johnny and Travis held it down on Friday the 13th with a little help from our buddy Chris Nance.  It's almost been non stop in the shop lately. but we still have time to take care of walk-ins.  

Guest Artist: Austen Minor

august 7, 2018


MADE IT! What a relief.  Day 365 is here and it's just how I wanted it to be. Good Times Tattoo Studio is staffed by 3 artists who love to be here.  I see that tattoos that are being done in this shop and I'm stoked on a daily basis.  Maybe that's when some people start to get lazy, like the work is done.  No way man, Everyday we're trying to make it a better one than the day before.  Thanks greatly to the customers and clients that put their trust in us, we wouldn't be here without you.  

  here's a few Remember Whens from the past year. 

* Christine dig a keg stand 

* Pete ate a half pound of raw beef and thought he'd be ok.  he wasn't

*Bat in the shop

*Cat Piss played some hillbilly jams

* Bryan saw the ghost wash its hands for the first time 

* Two insane Friday 13ths Both are kinda blurry for me 

* Good Times Motorcycle Run through the Ozarks.  3 am 90 mph only 200 more miles 

* Impressionism Art Show in the Secret Gallery

*so much Juggling 

*Steve showed up just in time for Bryan to leave for Hawaii

maybe i should just post a bunch of pictures.

Check these out 

A few different tattoo styles from Johnny Mudbug.

Johnny Mudbug Williams

   More of the same yet everyday is different. We still do not offer piercings, so if you could tell your friend to stop calling us 8 times a day about it , that would be great.

      Been a Sobering time around here lately. While I had to say goodbye to some friends who left this world all to soon; Mike became a grandpa celebrating with his oldest daughter the birth of her son.  Many more friends and family came through with news of pregnancy and the circle of life continues.  I had to leave the shop and sit with my Mother in her last days. Grieving her loss weighed heavy on my mind but a large family was close by to help carry the weight and share in the love we all felt. 

   Life and Death are everyday themes in tattoos because we all deal with it in our own lives. No one can say for sure what happens when we die but we know for sure that we are missed by the loved ones we leave behind. Take some extra time each day to enjoy the time we have in this world with the people who love you. Spread love, smile more, help out when you can. Give more and more will be given to you. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts of mine. 

Ya'll remember Garret Potts. Previously of A Million Tattoos and Atomic Tattoos, currently part the the Trufant Bros team in San Angelo TX,.   We're glad to be hosting him here Oct 20-23. contact him on instagram @garretpottstattoos

Another Friday 13th special down. This was Aarons first time doing such an event, he had a pretty good time. We also called in some extra help from Christopher Nance, Look for him to be sitting in on future guest spots doing flash specials out of his book of designs.  

I so appreciate everyone that shows up and gets these lil bangers and participates in the fun we're having. This year the party was cut short by a power outage caused by a pretty nasty storm that blew in fast. Fortunately it was timed perfectly between tattoos and no one got caught mid-tatt.  

It's pretty hectic having a 13 special in the middle of busy season. We're all exhausted today, the music is chill and I'm for sure on recovery mode this afternoon. But there's drawing to do and big appointments on the books. But don't let that discourage you from coming in and speaking to your favorite artist about the piece you want to get. Hard work is what we do and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

I've been putting together a little video mash up of shop footage set the tune of a Jade Idol show. I feel like it captures the spirit of the shop pretty well and left in the footage of Dylan. I'll be putting together more of these and plan on some interviews with the artists so ya'll can get to know whats going on around here. 

Ya'll, I am sick of this weather. At least its warming up,but I want my Texas sunshine. Good weather to get tattooed I suppose. Remember that sun and swim is the enemy of fresh ink. Not the ink so much as the Healing Skin. Anyway, I've been playing with the go-pro and making shop movies as well as just out having fun. (I'm pretty damn good at having fun) If ya'll are so inclined you can follow along by subscribing to my Youtube account just search out Johnny Mudbug and you'll find me. You'll also find many of the playlist we use here in the shop for music. I want to start making short videos for each artist. 

    So much news to talk about! My good friend Bryan Rolph is no longer working in the shop. He has moved to Hawaii and opened his own Vagabond Tattoo on the island of Maui. We are super stoked for him and wish him all the best on his new adventure. We'll miss him a lot but look forward to seeing him again as a guest artist. and of course using this as an excuse to go to Hawaii. 

    With the absence of Bryan we hired on Steve Goodspeed.  If you follow the shop on social media you've already seen his work. Steve specializes in incredibly tight traditional Americana images, putting his own spin on the timeless classics. Steve has a great work ethic and a soft spoken easy going attitude making him the perfect fit in the studio. 

   Now for the BIG NEWS, we are just two weeks away from the 1 YEAR Anniversary of Good Times Tattoo Studio ! I am so grateful for all the support of our amazing clients we've worked with in our first year.  We've worked hard and had a lot of fun. I've only had to throw out 2 maybe 3 drunks all year!  

   New Shirts are on the way. we are all sold out of the first edition white lady head shirts. Even sold the one that was hanging on the wall. New Phone lines are in place, if you tried to call us in the past you know what a struggle that was. Now we can hear each other. We even got our first Bad Review. Thanks Yelp for giving whining teenagers a platform to talk shit and blame others for their own mistakes and lack of communication skills. HAHAHA, no sweat. 

     Thanks for reading my ramblings. I've got some drawing to do. 

Tattoo studio

Cheers ya'll.

    We've been very busy around here, both in and out of the shop. We've been Hosting a Bike Night at Warpath Pizza. Every other Wednesday night we get all "Wild Hogs" and enjoy making new friends and 75 cent wings.  Will Probably invite a few friends along for "Good Times Run" later this year when we get some cooler riding weather.

  Big news inside the shop. Steve Goodspeed has been accepted into Fire Academy and will begin his training in October. If you've been wanting a piece from him or have something to finish better get in here, I doubt we see him much while he works his ass off becoming a firefighter for AFD. We're super proud of him and wish him all the best, it's gonna be a tough road ahead but we know he's prepared. 

    Aaron, Mike , and Johnny are holding it down (most days) taking walk-ins and working on new art projects for customers looking for larger scale work. So, enjoy the rest of your summer and once swimming season is over we'll be here ready to get your leg, sleeve, or back piece started. 

Summer is in full effect and its hard to sit still in the shop. the river is calling and all i wanna do is sit in the shade with my cold drink and my hot wife.  So I take a few breaks when i can.  The ride through the Ozarks was incredible but pretty fast paced. Celebrating the 4th was a different story.  Willie Nelson puts on a damn good party. Kris Kristofferson sang us a song and we laid around with our feet in the pond sipping on American beers until the fireworks went off overhead. I appreciated the shit out of that day. No where to be, no schedule to keep, nothing to do but have the best time i could. It's a feeling I'm not quite ready to let go of. So, here i am at work, appreciating the shit out of today. the sun is out and the AC is cold.  the music is good and there is ice cream next door. there is no one here dressed business casual telling anyone to turn in some meaningless report. no politicians yelling out buzzwords to sell you on the latest corporate buyout. Just me doing what i love to do. take 'er easy. and if she's easy take 'er twice. Don't stress. Don't take on other peoples worries. Don't believe the hype. Enjoy your day. and if you need an oasis to escape the bullshit, you know where to find me.

Recent posts at the bottom of the page. 

Scroll Down.

Full time staff status. Very happy to have Dylan on board.  He has a deep love for the traditional and a natural talent for portraits. He likes kayne West but i try not to hold that against him. Mostly it's his attitude that secured his spot here in the studio. I've seen him grow up fast over the last couple years and he stays humble and hungry to learn.  check him out on the instagram.

Feb 7, 2018

Dec, 12 2017   

Putting a lot of energy into calming down lately. Breathe deep and enjoy your surroundings. I call it Un-fucking yourself. I allow myself to be in the moment, unoffended by anything going on around me. Pleasant sounds, smells, scenery, are all part of having a good day. Who the hell wants to have a bad day? Not me.  

 Anyway let's check out some new pics from the shop.  

Hope ya'll had a good holiday weekend. We did.  Rested and back in the studio with a few things to get started on this week.  a few things from last week getting scrapped because some folks are just flakes. that goes with doing business so close to so many bars i guess. people talk a lot when they drink.  There are no memorable stories of dealing with drunks in the shop. you try and forget them as soon as you usher them out the door.  Do your drinking after the tattoo.  

  There is one memorable drunk. I was Tattooing at the Rally in Sturgis SD. sometime around 04 or 05, Buddhas on Main street is the busiest two weeks of my career. You never know whats next. The work day starts at 8 Am ( insane early in my world)  and it goes non stop. you tattoo, you clean up and holler next, someone brings you their paper work already filled out and the stencil already made and you go to work on them. you never even leave your seat. 

​One of overseers of this circus is a man named Bitchin Bob from Nebraska. he brings to my chair a 6 foot 5 wild animal of a man whose nickname i can't recall. but i do know that his first tattoo from me that week  was " TRUST NO BITCH" in 4 inch letters across his stomach. That morning he had woken up in tree. after being awake for 6 days he finally passed out in his perch. He had climbed up there to get a better view of Jackyll playing at the Buffalo Chip campground. Totally refreshed from his nap he was ready( he thought) to get his stomach tattooed. well he wasn't. he couldn't shut up, trying to talk to everyone in the shop and jumping around looking at the girls and an occasional hit from the flask he had snuck in. Madness. But he had a good tale to tell.

 At 15 years old He ran away from home in Chicago. he made it to Phoenix Az and got a job assembling office furniture.  eventually he is able to build office furniture for himself and then hire other people to build it for him. Now he owns his own company. and if you've ever worked in a cubicle you've probably seen his work.  From a runaway teenager to a 30 something millionaire. 

​  so money gets you a lot but it doesn't get you a solid relationship. he hates his mother, been divorced enough times to know better, and still dates strippers.   he moved out deep into the desert because one of his favorite hobbies is discharging his 44 mag in the living room.  Says he went through 3 televisions that year. That's what scared off the last attempt at marital bliss.  so here we are tattooing "TRUST NO BITCH" across his grizzly bear belly.  i remember struggling through every inch of that tattoo. All his hooting and Hollering made from some of the shittiest line work i've ever put out. and to this day i don't know why I agreed to allow his crazy giant self in the chair to wrestle that tattoo in his skin,  but its in there. and he was a good tipper. he came back three more times that week for smaller tattoos of various skulls and snakes. 

​I've met a lot of bullshitters in my time but this dude wasn't one of them.  one hell of an experience for both of us. 

 there is no moral of this story, except maybe if you think you're going to come in here after a few too many and bullshit me. I've been there and back and you don't have enough money. 

 so we close at 10pm come in early and mind your manners. 


October 28, 2017 

Perfect weather for getting Tattooed! Black work is definitely in fashion this year. Heavy black traditional or soft grey realism; its in high demand around here. Of course we're still doing bold color tattoos but probably 1 out of 4. No complaints here.  

​We've all been working on updating portfolios to reflect the work being done as of late. It's easy to keep up with the shop on instagram but its nice to walk in and flip through the books. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. Actually, I know I'm old fashioned. 

Secret Gallery 

a few of the works we have to view or to buy, because your home needs art as much as your body.

Shirts are here!!

You're not supposed to smile in these pictures.

Here we go again, summer season 2018.  We are staying busy and trying to get in all the walk-ins we can. 

drawing, drinking coffee, bullshitting about bullshit. its our thing, its what we do. 

Mike P says, "it's important to keep your new tattoo clean."

Well here I am. My name is Johnny Mudbug Williams, and I just opened Good Times Tattoo studio in Round Rock Texas. I honestly didn't think opening my own shop was in the cards for me anytime soon, but as soon as I saw this building at 111 east Main I knew it was my shop. I'm in the "Red Front" built in 1878. 

  I've been tattooing full time for the last 16 years. I went through that apprenticeship that seems to be a myth nowadays. I made my own needles and had to build my own machine. I travelled with my master when i could and met some good people at the conventions and bike rallies. When it was time to leave the nest I landed in Houston Tx. I'll get into the details of my travels, trials and triumphs as well as sharing photos and whatever trips my trigger. Hope ya'll enjoy it. Thanks for taking the Time.

April 28, 2016

may 31st 2016