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Tattoo studio

How Much Does It Cost? 

  Yes, my in box is full of this one everyday. Here's how it breaks down. Prices are based on $150 and hour.  Smaller pieces are done for an upfront agreed upon price. We will not give Price Quotes via e-mail or over the phone. We will want to know a few things before talking price. Where is the tattoo going? How big is the tattoo going to be?  What is your budget?  It is not our goal to be the cheapest in town, but to be paid fairly for quality work so that both client and artist are happy with the end result. 

Do I Need An Appointment?

  No, but they are recommended. We take walk-ins when we can. usually a small tattoo can be handled same day. If you're wanting larger work we will need time to prepare the design. Tattoos are meant to be forever, don't rush it. 

Can I Bring My Kids? 


How Do I Make An Appointment?

  First, come in the shop. thats the most important step in the whole process.  Next, decide who you would like to work with and what design you'll be getting. In many cases this does not happen until you come into the shop. So, don't be afraid to come in and ask questions. Next you'll need to put down a deposit. This covers time spent working on the design and puts a hold on a time slot for you. Deposits are usually $40 but larger designs may require a larger deposit. 

 I Missed My Appointment, Can I Get A Refund On My Deposit?

 Hell No. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Time was spent preparing the art work, time was reserved for you. Time is Money. Don't waste it. 

Does It Hurt? 

  Yes. But how bad does it hurt is one that I can't answer for you. different parts of the body are going to feel very different. It's a Tattoo, you gotta earn it somehow. 

Can I Bring My Dog?


Can I Get Drunk First?


How Old Do You Have To Be?

In the great republic of Texas, you MUST be 18 with valid ID. No Parental Consent for Tattoos allowed in Texas. 

How Much Is A Piercing?

​I don't know, we don't do piercing here. 

Can You Make It Smaller?

   Tattoos are applied to living tissue. It moves, it grows, it's going to change over time. We must allow room for that to happen to ensure you'll tattoo will last a lifetime. So the answer to this is sometimes yes, sometimes no.

  Do you offer an apprenticeship?


 ME and My Bros Have Been Partying All Weekend and You're Going To Tat Us All Up Right Now, WHHHHHEEEEEEEWWWWW!

  GTFO. Getting Tattooed should be fun. and we maintain a relaxed attitude in here. but Mind Your Manners and remember: 


gotta question I didn't just answer?  drop us a line or walk in the shop. 

​see ya soon