our approach

We at Good Times Tattoo Studio are in the business of rendering a service to this community for the group of people who choose to have their bodies decorated in some way or another ...

We choose to pursue our profession with intelligence and skill, wishing not to offend, but instead with our love of mankind, do what good we can before we die. 

who we are

We take tattooing seriously. It is our life passion and we are happy to share it with you. Not all tattoos are created equally and selecting an artist can be as overwhelming as deciding on a design. We understand that and hope to take off some of that pressure with none of the intimidation. Please allow our collective knowledge gained over many years in the industry to help guide you through to process and give you the tattoo you will love for a lifetime. We're located at 111 East Main St. Round Rock Texas


Tattoo studio

we believe that getting tattooed should be a good time.